Tenant divorce

My tenants, a husband and wife, both signed the lease on my property several years ago. It automatically went to a month to month basis after fulfilling the 2 year original lease agreement. The wife just emailed me through her attorney that she is divorcing her husband and no longer living at the residence. The property address she listed was incorrect however – wrong house number. She stated in the email that she is no longer responsible for the property. It seems to me that she is still responsible along with the husband until a new lease is signed with him alone and an inspection is done. Am I correct? What would you suggest I do in this instance? As a side note, the husband always pays the rent from his company….and always almost a month late, plus the late fee. I got him back on track for a month, but now he’s always late again. Suggestions? I am concerned about the state of the property if she is no longer there to clean, etc. It looked uncared for the last time I checked on some exterior work a few months ago. Thanks!