Miller seeks action against Michigan poster company

Update from Joe Kelly:

A Michigan telemarketing company that sells labor-law posters is in hot water with Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, who today asked a Polk County judge to order it to respond to a formal request for information about its past employees and Iowa customers.

Miller said the company, Mandatory Poster Agency Inc. (MPA), has sent notices and made telemarketing calls that create the impression that workplaces are required to purchase the posters, which can be obtained free from Iowa Workforce Development. 

According to the filing, MPA had earlier been the focus of law enforcement proceedings in 23 states and by the federal government. The company has done business in Iowa as Iowa Labor Law Poster Service, Iowa Food Service Compliance Center and Iowa Healthcare Compliance Center.

Miller asked the district court to schedule a hearing and then to order MPA and its owner/managers to cooperate with his investigation.