Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Nov 2011 Newsletter

The Cedar Rapids Civil Rights November 2011 newsletter is available for download here:

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2 thoughts on “Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Nov 2011 Newsletter”

  1. What a bunch of Hogwash. I for one am tired of the class warfare. By their definition, I am one of the 99%. Because I work hard and I have been willing to take any job to keep a roof over my children’s heads and food on their table, our family has made it through rough times. The trouble with today’s society is too many people think they are entitled to everything. There are plenty of jobs for the person that is willing to work.

  2. The sections added for Lawful Source of Income (LSOI) as a protected class may be in conflict with State law. Please read the proposed Chapter 69 Ordinance Definition for Lawful Source of Income (n) on page 6 & 69.19 Fair Housing section for Lawful Source of Income. The definition itself contains unlike kinds occupation, government or private assistance, susidy, voucher, grant, or loan programs ect. Only Section 8 Choice Vouchers are excluded. Entities in this protected class are not like kind and require additional varying terms. Due to varying risk factors they can not be considered equally. Many feel property rights are violated due to the language in the proposed Chapter 69 revision.

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