Occupany Bill – House File 184 Debate this Wednesday


HF 184, the occupancy bill, is scheduled for debate in the House Judiciary Committee this Wednesday. 

As you’ll recall, HF 184 was voted out of the Judiciary Committee last year on a vote of 17-4.  The bill was never debated on the House floor before all 100 House members.  

Therefore, at the end of the 2013 session, HF 184 was sent back to the House Judiciary Committee.

    Printed below are the Judiciary Committee members.  If nothing else, if you live or have a business in one of these House members’ district, just send an email asking for a “yes” vote on HF 184.

    The only committee members, still on the committee, who voted “no” last year are Wessel-Kroeschell, Oldson, and Lensing.  There is no need to contact these legislators.  They know how they will be voting again this year.

    We have three new members on the committee: Meyer, Pritchard, and Gustafson.

    If you contacted a House member on this committee last year, it should be easy for you to do so again this year, if you haven’t already done so.

    It would be good to have some phone calls and emails to committee members.  We can’t be presumptuous that the bill will automatically pass through committee.  We have to act like we want HF 184 to pass.

    We don’t have much time.  The Judiciary Committee meets at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

Attached is some material developed by Daryl Kruse, LOI Legislative Chair, on the issues regarding HF 184.

Joe Kelly


Iowa Judiciary House Members

Chip Baltimore (R, District 47), Chair

Megan Hess (R, District 2), Vice Chair

Mary Lynn Wolfe (D, District 98), Ranking Member

Dwayne Alons (R, District 4)

Marti Anderson (D, District 36)

Mark Brandenburg (R, District 15)

Dave Dawson (D, District 14)

Tedd Gassman (R, District 7)

Stan Gustafson (R, District 25)

Chris Hagenow (R, District 43)

Greg Heartsill (R, District 28)

David E. Heaton (R, District 84)

Bobby Kaufmann (R, District 73)

Vicki S. Lensing (D, District 85)

Brian Meyer (D, District 33)

Jo Oldson (D, District 41)

Rick Olson (D, District 31)

Todd Prichard (D, District 52)

Beth Wessel-Kroeschell (D, District 45)

Matt W. Windschitl (R, District 17)

Gary Worthan (R, District 11)