Occupancy bill House File 184 passed out of the House


First, the occupancy bill, HF 184, passed out of the House Judiciary Committee on Monday.  The vote was 15-5.

SSB 3068, the Senate occupancy bill, is on the agenda for the Senate State Government Committee this afternoon.  The bill will have an amendment on it in committee.

If you haven’t contacted your Senator on State Government Committee, it’s not too late.

Jeff Danielson (D, District 30), Chair

Pam Jochum (D, District 50), Vice Chair

Roby Smith (R, District 47), Ranking Member

Bill Anderson (R, District 3)

Rick Bertrand (R, District 7)

Tod Bowman (D, District 29)

Jake Chapman (R, District 10)

Thomas G. Courtney (D, District 44)

Dick L. Dearden (D, District 16)

Randy Feenstra (R, District 2)

Wally E. Horn (D, District 35)

Matt McCoy (D, District 21)

Janet Petersen (D, District 18)

Charles Schneider (R, District 22)

Steven J. Sodders (D, District 36)

After today, the strategy I’m recommending is to go back and put our focus on the House.  

We will want to have as strong a win as possible in the House.  If it is a strong win in the House, Senator Danielson will review the vote count and may decide to push for the House version of the bill in the Senate.


Joe Kelly


P.S.  If you are emailing your legislators, please don’t forward this email to your legislator.  Create a new email please.