Support HF2323

The municipal utilities are making a late attempt to defeat HF 2323, the city enterprise services bill. Attached is a revised information sheet on the bill. I’ve made one change to counter an argument the municipal utilities are using. They are complaining that they will have difficulty indentifying the user of the enterprise services. Their first hope is to kill the bill. Their second objective is to keep the requirement that landlords have to notify the municipal utility each time a tenancy changes. The reason for that objective is they know most landlords won’t do the notification in a timely manner, if at all.

Some of you have asked me what do we do know. The answer is to make your contacts with your Iowa Senator, either the Senator whose district you live in, or the Senator who represents a district where you own some properties. Some of you will have more than one Senator that you can contact.

Ask for their support of HF 2323.