Property Tax Assessment Appeal

From Representative Nick Wagner’s March 15, 2012 Newsletter.

Several people and employers have contacted me concerning their recent property valuations. Many are concerned about the substantial increases that they received and have asked what can be done. There is a process by which you can appeal your property tax assessment to get it reduced. This can help keep property valuations at the right level. I find it odd that the same people who collect property tax revenue based on a valuation also set that very same valuation. I think we could reform this process and it would result in more equitable outcomes.

A property owner or taxpayer who is dissatisfied with the owner’s or taxpayer’s assessment may file a written protest against the assessment with the local board of review between April 16 and May 5 of the year of the assessment that is being protested. Also, any local government official or a taxpayer of the political subdivision where the property is located may file a protest to an assessment of property in the same manner as a protest by the owner or taxpayer of the property.

The grounds for a protest must be one or more of the following:
• The assessment is not equitable compared with assessments of other like property in the taxing district.
• The property is assessed at more than its actual value.
• The property is not assessable, is exempt from taxes, or is misclassified.
• There is an error in the assessment.
• There is fraud in the assessment.

The Marion Chamber of Commerce and the Marion Economic Development Company are hosting an educational forum to learn more about the process of how to appeal recent property tax assessments with the Linn County Assessor at 1:00pm, Monday, March 19 at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 8300 C Avenue in Marion. Local business owner Keith Smith will be leading the discussion. There is no cost to attend and no RSVP is necessary. If you do attend please park in the north parking lot and the meeting will be held in the Life Worship Center. (This is an auditorium with theater seating.)