After tenants called State, can you call also?

Everyone within both the American and Chinese communities had told you many times already that do not try to settle your case right now. The reason is that your case is not only yours, but also every landlord’s within the great State of Michigan and every landlord’s across this great country-the United States of America. What you should do now is try to find all the contact persons within your local landlord assiociations, your state landlord assiociations and the national ones. Tell them your case now, and ask them for help, one of their own small landlords. Those assiociations have all kinds of lawyers and attorneies, connections, and more importantly, the funding sources to defend a small landlord like you within the court of law. It is very possible that instead of making your husband pay out thousands of dollars of your own hard-earned money to the total strangers, you may get something much more at the very end. So as I said before, after the others called the State already, can you call also, please??