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new development re. discrimination on familial sta

The Dept. of Civil Rights investigator sent us a new e-mail saying the other party has reduced her offer to $5000ish, being the difference of our rent and the current rent she is paying times 4 years which was how long she plan to stay. and we can counter-offer.

My questions:

1) she didn’t come to viewing, never applied, how can she assume that she would have been the best applicant re. credit/income?

2) isn’t our law “innocent until proven guilty”? How can I be accused of discrimination for just a casual comment without any action without denying anyone anything?

3) If for the sake of hassle, we counter-offer, does that then mean we admit to the wrong-doing? Then Civil Rights can turn around and investigate us again? Why would I admit to something I didn’t do?

4) Do landlords have any civil rights at all? such as freedom from fear?

5) I want to hire an attorney, but should I get a real estate lawyer or civil rights lawyer? How do I know who is good?

Thank you all for helping out!

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