Who is responsible for doing the instructions from the pest control company? There is a 12 step plan which includes emptying out all the kitchen cabinets…
Is it the tenant or the landlord?
Does the LL compensate the tenant for this inconvenience?
My mom told me that it has always been the tenants job.
Also, perhaps the tenant brought the infestation with her; since no one else is complaining? Should I ask the other tenants if they have an issue, or is this asking for trouble?
Perhaps she brought the infestation with her from where she had the furniture in storage prior to moving in? How do I prove this/ address this?


Unit was completely empty and painted and cleaned before tenant moved in. Hardwood floors, but an older building.
Tenant just moved in , in August 2014
1 apt in an 8 unit apt in Los Angeles, CA
she complained about black widow spiders on or around the back outdoor staircase. 8/28/14
she complained about bugs in her apartment on 9/16/14
we determined that the bugs inside her apartment are silverfish around 10/1/14
we gave her notice on 10/8/14 with the instructions from the pest control company that the service call will conducted on 10/13/14.
My mom was contacted by this tenant that she isn’t ready for the pest control to come on 10/13/14.
Reason: tenant is having a respiratory illness, and can’t move furniture around apartment as described in the instructions from the pest control company.