Tenant urged to keep apt clean

I have been in our rental apt a couple of recent times and I cannot seem to urge the tenant to clean up inside. The Apt looks like a pigstye. It is only he and his son (no woman to keep things in order) but I could not find anything to get my point across more precise. I am looking for suggestions. Ron in Ohio


1 thought on “Tenant urged to keep apt clean”

  1. If it is just disorganized or too much stuff I would not be too concerned unless it is blocking exits or would not pass a housing inspection. If there is filth or possibility of hidden filth, spills, damage or insects/rodents it needs prompt attention. Send them a letter about what is expected for house keeping. If your city has a list of tenant responsibilities include that also. If it is filth get the housing inspector involved. They set deadlines and action is taken if issues are not fixed. And the tenant may not put so much blame on you for action taken if the city is involved.

    After giving them several opportunities to clean up you may have to serve a 7 day notice of rental agreement violation (clean up or lease ends in 7 days) or similar notice as provided for in your state.

    They could leave you with a costly mess if it is not addressed.

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