Tenants stalling an eviction

I posted previously about our tenants not pay rent or utilities for 9 months. We got a chance to go to court and trial and the out come was we won 9-0 jury trial. On September 11th, we won the trial and sept 22 or 23, they tried to appeal it. they were denied. They were suppose to be evicted on Oct 1st. They applied for a temporary stay of execution while waiting appeal. The next judge granted them the stay. I read the documents and the lawyer only told half of the truth, their half and left out the most vital information about the reason why they were unable to add retaliatory eviction and housing services. She also wrote that the tenants would be homeless but they drive BMW and and 2014 camry and they have a place to stay in Chinatown with their parents! They documents also state that it will not harm the landlord for them staying if they pay the rent for each day they stay and she knows it is not true when they are abusing the utilities. I live right above them and my FLOOR in the bathroom is WARM because the leave the heater and lights on ALL day and they ran the HOT and COLD water for 4 hours on BLAST in the tub and faucets right after the settlement conference early sept. Now, it has been a month since we won and these tenants are still here and their lawyer is helping them with stalling tactics and helping them stay longer or try to help them stay permanently… our daily cannot handle this stress no more. We do not know what else to do! we paid the fees and lawyer for trial for a stupid case like this. We have done EVERYTHING and they are still not out! we are going into the 10th month of FREE RENT AND UTILITIES! my dad is retired and has high blood pressure and we are worried about his health. These tenants are manipulative and they are sabotaging us…… We live in San Francisco and it is a Pro tenants city. I do not understand why we, as landlords, cannot personally evict people off our property. I know the government is just trying to protect the tenants from bad landlords, but we pay for the house and the property tax and we cannot do anything we want with out property, especially when we have a valid reason! It is unfair and now I understand why rent is going up and there are less housing in San Francisco. IT IS JUST NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE! the rent then tenants did pay during the time they were here was not even enough to cover LAWYER FEES and all the other fees. is it worth it for landlords to GAMBLE like this? Tenants get FREE lawyers, landlords have to pay THOUSANDS to hire one and they will push it to trial BECAUSE IT IS FREEEEEE! we struggle with the decision to settle or go to trial….. it is so unfair how people like them are being protected and getting away with it with not consequence…. they need to change the laws or landlords will continue to stop renting out their homes…..