Deadline Jan 12: Iowa Rental Property Owners PAC – IARPO-PAC

NOTE: Sunday January 12, 2014 is the last opportunity to contribute

A political action committee (PAC) is an organization that raises money to assist political candidates to run campaigns to be elected or reelected to public office. In our case, the money raised will be contributed to candidates for the Iowa legislature.


The mission of the IARPO-PAC is to educate lawmakers on the important issues confronted by rental property owners. This PAC, in its mission statement, pledges to be non-partisan. Support will be given to those legislators and candidates who demonstrate an understanding of and support for issues important to our membership. The PAC follows a strategic plan that concentrates on those lawmakers who are members of committees important to rental property owners.


In conjunction with our lobbying and grass-roots efforts, the IARPO-PAC raises the visibility of Landlords’ views, interests and concerns among influential lawmakers. With increased visibility, LLIA and ILA has a greater opportunity to educate lawmakers on issues important to Landlords.


How does a PAC work for you? Landlords of Iowa (LLIA) and Iowa Landlord Association (ILA)are just a couple out of hundreds of groups vying for the attention of lawmakers and future political candidates. In recent years, LLIA and ILA has made great progress in reaching out to the Iowa Legislature by educating them on the industry and updating antiquated laws such as increasing the limits on rent late fees and expanding the time limits on rental money judgments.


How do politicians use PAC money? Politicians rely on money contributed by individuals and PACs for campaign funds. PAC contributions are used to pay for campaign staff, commercials, signs, handouts, etc.  Campaign money is heavily regulated by the Iowa Ethics Campaign and Disclosure Board.   IARPO-PAC will follow the regulations very closely.


Isn’t there a better way to fund political campaigns? We could have a system wherein taxpayers’ money was totally used to fund campaigns.  There would have to be limits on what could be spent. That system may sound good, but it would give even stronger advantages to those already in office. Under our current system, successful candidates are usually people who are known in their community.  There are able to raise money from individuals who know them and trust their judgment.


Why is a strong PAC important?  It is important that our IARPO-PAC have the resources available to help support our interests. Since we have an interest in who is a member of the Iowa legislature, we need to demonstrate that interest by assisting candidates who understand our issues. There are only two choices for us: donating time to a campaign or donating money.  Both activities are important.  Most landlords have more money than they have time.


By combining the individual contributions of LLIA  & ILA members and other real estate groups, the association is able to create increased awareness of our concerns and ensure that they get the attention they deserve. By federal law, a PAC is not allowed to accept funding from a trade association, credit union or banking interests. The PAC must raise its funds separately from individual members. One hundred percent of contributions go directly to candidates’ campaign to promote the visibility of our issues. Contributions to the PAC are completely voluntary.


Please send your contribution to:    IARPO-PAC, PO Box 354, Mason City, IA 50402-0354


                       or pay electronically:


Individual or non-corporate business checks (including individual LLCs) can be sent.


Questions can be directed to Joe Kelly, our state lobbyist at [email protected] or Daryl Kruse, Legislative Chairman LLIA at [email protected]  319-240-0880