Welcome to our new website!

If you are a current member looking to download forms visit: https://old.landlordsoflinncounty.org and use the default password

Current members will receive an email with a new password for our new website. 

The total update process may take a couple days, thanks for your patience!

Training video: How to extend your membership and passwords

One more reminder a large number of our memberships will expire on Jan 14th and you won’t have access to our content after that. You can renew and pay by credit card or send a check by mail.

If you are sending a check by mail you still need to login and click EXTEND and then manual payment so we know your check is on the way.

After you login you are taken to this page: https://landlordsoflinncounty.org/after-login-member-landing-page/ where you can view your expiration date and click “Extend”

I’ve created a short overview video to walk you through the process here:


You can also view this video on our members training page here: https://landlordsoflinncounty.org/after-login-member-landing-page/video-tutorials-and-training/

If you have any other questions or troubles simply send and email to [email protected] and you get an answer!

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