Lawsuit update – future date set

More lawsuit update and court date is set:

> Stephanie
> Attached is a trial setting order. As you will see trial is not set
> until January 4, 2012. The shocking truth is that the courts are so far
> behind that this is a typical trial setting.
> In this case the distant trial date doesn’t matter. I am confident that
> this case will be decided on cross motions for summary judgment so a
> trial will not be necessary. As previously indicated I hope to have our
> summary judgment motion on file at about the end of January. The city
> will then have time to respond and then, after the city responds we will
> have a short oral argument before a judge. Then after that the judge
> will issue a written ruling. It is realistic to think we will have a
> ruling by spring.
> Bill

Attached here is a copy of the document: [Download not found]