Books to become a better Landlord

We had a great idea from a member to add a page of links to good books about Landlording and becoming a better property manager.

So we’ve added a page here: Landlord Books or you can access on the main navigation menu and just look for “books”

If you know of a good book or online resource for landlords just let us know!


1 thought on “Books to become a better Landlord”

  1. Every single person who owns or manages rental property should have the yellow book “A Guide to Landlord Tenant Law In Iowa”, a publication of Iowa Legal Aid. The first half of the book is an easy to read question and answer format of each area of the codes, with many sample forms. The second half contains Chapters 562A and 648 of the Iowa Code, the codes that cover landlord tenant law and evictions. This essential publication should be at every landlord’s fingertips, and is available from Iowa Legal Aid for $20.00 1-800-532-1275

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